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Homecare Leader Uses Leading Edge, Yet Easy-to-use Technology to Bring Joy to Her Staff by Saving Time and Therefore Reducing Employee Turnover by ~50% Compared to National Average 

Having worked within healthcare for 22 years, Karen Paules is well aware that communication is key to success in healthcare! As a physical therapist with so much experience, she considers good communication above all else, given the multi-faceted nature of the U.S healthcare system

In starting her home care agency, Karen knew well the challenges that came with it, especially in terms of effectively communicating with her team and the families. Thus, she and her team embarked on a six-month long, active search for a communication approach that would empower her team and provide top-notch service to her customers.  

Karen quickly recognized the opportunity to improve their processes with Hucu.ai! As soon as they implemented Hucu.ai, everything just fell into place for her. 

Hucu.ai has become such an integral part of Karen’s business; that for her, doing business without it is unimaginable!

Lower Employee Turnover

For Karen and her team, the biggest impact of implementing Hucu is a significant decrease in their employee turnover rate! As much as 50% lower than the industry average of about 60% – 80% annually.

Among all of the good management practices, Karen rates Hucu.ai as a key contributor to engaging her team, helping reduce their burnout, and therefore increasing their job satisfaction because Hucu saves them significant time every day from chasing each other, partners and family members. 

With Hucu.ai, the value exceeds expectations in terms of the money it costs, so Karen and her team have never felt that it has not been financially worth it for them! 

Saving Time & Reducing Employee Burnout  

Another plus for Karen and her team of managers is being able to access every client related communication and overseeing the communication that goes on, on a daily basis. Hucu.ai has made all this possible for Karen and her team, 

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I can be connected with every single one of 60 plus clients just by going through Hucu.ai and see where we are at with everybody,” said Karen.

Hucu.ai has proven to be a valuable asset for Karen and her team as it creates space for all members, even the managers to be on the same page. Hucu.ai allows her team to get up to speed on their assigned patients instantaneously – huge time savings, especially during shift changes. No one misses any patient update anymore! 

Karen encourages communication between both caregivers and families. With Hucu.ai, that communication is not only possible but is also easily monitored. Enhanced capabilities give organizations like Karen’s, control over which caregivers to add to the family side or not; a team lead can extract information from the careteam side in Hucu, edit it and then easily share it with the family.

I can just sit down at night and go through my list, and see all the good work that my caregivers are doing, and this makes me feel really good that we’re really making a difference in the lives of seniors,” said Karen.

Supporting Increased Growth

Armed with lower turnover rate and helping her staff save time, Karen is now able to focus on the vision that she has for Nest in Place that has allowed her to grow smoothly with clients and caregivers. 

As they grow, there are new additions to the team and now it is possible for them to go back and review the existing information pertaining to each specific client. Hucu.ai has made it easier for them to get new team members up to speed quickly. With every new client, a patient profile includes a wide range of information, so caregivers who are visiting that client have that information on their fingertips

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Hucu.ai makes it easy to share this information, resulting in appreciation from families when they feel there is active communication by the team!

“We are always finding new out of the box ways to use Hucu.ai, but as far as communication, Hucu.ai is invaluable”, said Karen Paules. 

Building Teamwork

Karen wanted her team members to stay connected with each other and feel part of the team. This proved challenging since her team members were geographically dispersed and working individually in clients’ homes. 

With Hucu.ai, it is all HIPAA compliant: caregivers really enjoy giving daily updates, exchanging information or perhaps sharing family pictures with each other. From a business perspective, this brings all of the caregivers seeing a specific client together, as they are continuously in the loop regarding daily updates.

Karen is certain that Hucu.ai has enabled superior communication: “One example was where a client, who was in a memory care unit, which was a locked unit, had the building code changed,” said Karen. “Through Hucu.ai, one of my caregivers who was there overnight was able to communicate that to the entire team. The next day I was standing behind another [community] employee who worked in the same building but  couldn’t get in. Because of Hucu.ai, we ended up helping them with the correct code!”

This held immense value for Karen, as she saw that their overall team communication was a step ahead than other [community] employees who were working in the same building, but that it was constant communication that made everyone feel part of the same team.

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Improve Operational Efficiency 

Hucu.ai allows channels to be set up for pretty much anything her team wants!

Karen and her team utilize this feature in a number of ways: they have channels for clock in/out, time-off requests and one for incident reports. Any information they want can be relayed to the employees with just a click of a button

In case of an incident report, there is no longer the need to come into the building and fill out an incident report. Karen’s team combines it with a Hipaa compliant form, so one simply presses on the link, in the channel, making the overall process of seeing that submission very easy

Fun fact: they have a channel by the name of ‘I love my pet’, where employees love sharing pictures of their pets and so this one channel really embodies itself as a feel-good, team building channel that everyone just loves to be a part of!

This is consistent with Karen to have more people feel truly connected to the Nest in Place team spirit. Hucu.ai has effectively turned this into a reality for them! 

Quicker Onboarding & Continuous Engagement

Direct messaging is yet another feature that enables Karen and her employees to build a great relationship! 

Direct messages can be easily sent via Hucu.ai, without the hassle of going through contact information. Especially in the case of new hires, it’s a great way to check in and assure that a new team member is adapting to the job and feeling supported.

This keeps Karen on point, in terms of keeping track of new hires and their activity all the while not getting mixed up with different phone numbers or different text messaging threads!

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