Why are Healthcare teams ditching Microsoft Teams for Hucu.ai’s Patient-Centered Messaging Platform? 

Teams Ditching Microsoft Teams For Hucu.Ai’s

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The U.S healthcare sector has faced some of its toughest challenges amid a global pandemic that has shaken up everyone to their core and brought teams together in new ways. To cope, modern forms of technology with greater control for administrators and more operational efficiency are essential. One important way to do that is for healthcare organizations to streamline internal operations through better and more secure means of communication. This means they need to move past antiquated means and genuinely embrace modern-day technologies. 

The trend for switching to secure healthcare messaging apps is evidently on the rise among leading healthcare organizations, medical facilities, practices and insurance companies. This comes in light of growing realization among the healthcare community that poor communication negatively affects an organization’s operational efficiency, which in turn affects the quality of patient outcomes. 

What Makes Hucu.ai’s Healthcare App Different?

A range of secure messaging healthcare apps exist that can effectively streamline an organization’s internal communication workflows. They can be HIPAA compliant like Microsoft teams but lack some key features that make them a more suitable choice for communication between medical professionals within and across organizations. 

Fortunately, more care teams are switching to a more advanced healthcare communication app: Hucu.ai. Why is that the case? Simply because Hucu.ai offers a variety of features that other apps like Microsoft teams don’t have. To mention a few:

(1.) Hucu.ai is designed specifically for post-acute care 

  • Hucu.ai is HIPAA compliant and lets medical professionals securely share patient information without having to worry about breaches in patient confidentiality. While Microsoft teams is HIPAA compliant within organizations, Hucu makes ‘real-time priority-leveled patient hotlists’ uniquely available for teams.  Thus,  physician/nurse practitioner groups can be more organized and support more patients more easily.
  • This helps physicians and nurse practitioner groups in organizing providers’ days through automatically generated real-time patient hotlists organized separately by each facility.  Hucu users make timely, informed care decisions for higher-priority patients as they quickly identify and inform all the key stakeholders (facility nurses, medical directors, therapy, specialists etc.) involved in a specific patient’s care routine. Organized patient hotlists means better and more efficient care coordination, which in turn drives better patient outcomes.
  • The ability for care teams to share confidential patient information via Hucu.ai’s mobile/web-based app (documents, pictures, videos and text messages etc.) helps accelerate the process with which quality care is being delivered by physician/NP groups. 
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(2.) Hucu.ai offers patient-centric communication

  • Hucu.ai enables care providers and facility staff to communicate within the context of specific patients both within and across organizations. Patient-centered channels unique to our platform let care teams communicate and collaborate amongst each other and outside collaborators to better address patient needs. 
  • With easy to manage and maintain, patient-specific channels, information for a specific patient is easily accessible and organized. This enables easy review of existing information on a patient before rounds as well as the ability to follow up with clarifications. Plus, communications are on record for transparency and accountability.
  • Patient-specific conversations and information make it easier for care professionals to stay informed and updated on patient needs. Our mobile/web-based app keeps medical professionals in the loop on evolving patient needs despite being thousands of miles away from one another. This helps providers, as all of the information or communication about a specific patient is in one place. This simplifies the process of knowing what has been going on with a specific patient, even after weeks, and is only a click away on your phone. 
  • Providers can easily access a patient’s information and the specific care team and get updates about that patient’s condition. It’s easier for providers to prepare before patient rounds and know of any recent changes, driving higher quality of care and increased patient/family satisfaction. 

(3.) Hucu.ai has distinct patient/family chats

  • While most apps may be great for internal communications, what sets Hucu.ai apart from them is that it brings medical professionals, patients, their families and external collaborators together in one platform. Care providers can now directly communicate with patients and their families through our secure messaging platform. 
  • Patients and their families often inquire about their medications or health status via texting as it appears more convenient. However, one to one messaging mostly requires providers communicating back and forth and then letting patients and their families know of any updates on one to one communications or confusing group texts mixed with personal texts. With Hucu.ai, there are separate, secure patient/family chats, thereby allowing them to be updated with patient-specific updates and live discussions between care providers. 
  • This helps lower anxiety among patients and their families, as they are directly informed and updated on what steps are being taken with regard to their needs. It provides patients and families a world-class experience with more organized messages instead of disjointed personal messages in a device app. Overall, patient family satisfaction is improved by providing seamless communication across all involved care teams.
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(4.) Evidence-based assessments for real-time acuity scoring

  • With Hucu.ai, care professionals can assess and keep track of patient acuity through evidence-based assessments. Real-time acuity scoring helps care professionals in managing caseloads by patient acuity levels. In fact, this is one key feature that distinguishes our platform from Microsoft Teams. 
  • It allows medical professionals to step in for the right time, for higher acuity patients by informing collaborators to quickly flag such patients (urgent, acute change in condition, and more). 

(5.) Hucu.ai is cost-effective 

  • Hucu.ai is part of the value-based care revolution. Our mobile/web-based app helps care organizations all across the U.S cut down on the costs and improve the quality of care. What helps with this is the ability to download the application directly onto the mobile device (personal smartphones). 
  • This means that healthcare professionals do not have to worry about having to spend a fortune purchasing separate devices. Data on the app is securely shared in the cloud, making it safer via user ID and password management. Hucu.ai is compatible with iOS and Android devices which ensures everyone has unrestricted access to messaging. 

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