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  • The Generation Connect community is a team of geriatric experts and technologists that are committed to improving the lives of people living with dementia and their caregivers. Generation Connect offers a digital therapeutics app for dementia care in strive to treat behavioral symptoms through evidence-based routines & rituals.
  • The Generation Connect App offers unique engagement solutions that empowers people living with dementia, their care partners, and their families to explore sources of strength, build purposeful routines, and develop meaningful rituals. The mobile app helps teams establish routines and rituals that have been shown to reduce troubling symptoms, enhance wellbeing and spark cognition.
  • The Generation Connect App is rooted in research, with a focus on helping people with cognitive impairment and their care teams adopt non-drug interventions that have been demonstrated to improve clinical outcomes. Case studies with home care providers show the Generation Connect’s engagement solutions reduced caregiver turnover by +500% for their most challenging clients. Moreover, as part of a series of industry-leading research studies, the Generation Connect app has demonstrated improved clinical outcomes for people with dementia and their caregivers.
  • The Generation Connect team believes:
    • People living with dementia can maintain connections and purpose throughout the progression of the disease.
    • Non-drug approaches can be an effective option for easing difficult symptoms and enhancing cognitive function.
    • Caregivers need support and guidance establishing effective behavioral treatment options.
    • Technology can help care teams enhance collaboration and build personalized engagement routines.