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G2’s review site gave pretty rave reviews to Hucu.ai, identifying the platform as a high performer with the fastest implementation, easiest set-up and easiest to do business with. G2 awarded Hucu.ai’s revolutionary communication app the following badges for Spring 2023: a consistent high performer, a real momentum leader, the fastest implementation and the easiest set-up award

Hucu.ai is a real momentum leader, in the space of care coordination and HIPAA-compliant communication. Hucu.ai’s customers have a lot to say about the brilliant messaging network and how it makes communication workflows easier for care providers. 

Instant Workspace Communication 

Hucu.ai allows care providers to instantly connect with their work colleagues. This form of instant communication helps providers in their challenging roles. Now, they are able to easily communicate with the rest of the team and stay updated on important patient matters. 

Not only that, it follows HIPAA guidelines and channel-based communication in the app really helps automate workflows for care teams everywhere, delivering on truly patient-centered care.

In the words of John H. (physical therapist), 

Hucu.ai allows me to be more efficient with my work and have the ability to directly improve patient care through a fast channel of networking with my coworkers.” 

At care facilities, there is the need to communicate with multiple providers covering different shifts 24/7. Hucu.ai simplifies this communication process as now multiple caregivers can communicate in patient/discussion channels. This helps a great deal, as caregivers on multiple shifts have a constant reference point which they can refer to at any time. They can simply open the app and review that conversation to catch up on anything important they may have missed. 

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With Hucu.ai, providers can easily keep track of important messages as they receive hundreds of them on a day-to-day basis. This saves hours of their time and helps deliver better patient outcomes.  

User-Friendly: Excellent Customer Service 

Among other strengths, Hucu.ai’s mobile and web-based app is quite easy to use and understand. Bill Slevin, IT director at Family Center for Recovery mentions how easy it was to transfer more than 100 employees from their previous app to Hucu.ai. While they expected to get embroiled in issues with the new app, that really did not happen. Instead, their entire team was quite comfortable using it from the very first day.  

For the team at Family Center for Recovery, Hucu.ai’s app has been a true upgrade from what they were using in that it has more useful features and is quite easy to use. 

With outstanding customer service, Hucu.ai has been able to help their customers through any trouble they might be experiencing. 

In Bill’s words, 

Anytime we have had the slightest issue the customer service was outstanding, they will go above and beyond to help you with any issues you may have.” 

Hucu.ai staff is accessible in-app messages, which makes it possible for care teams to quickly get on board the app and start using it. 

Team Support Drives Operational Excellence 

According to Kathy B. (Director of Nursing/Alt.Administrator), 

As an administrator, I use the tools they have to see who is using it, how often, and how effectively, so we can “adjust” what we need to for the team.” 

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Data analytics in Hucu.ai, give teams insight into who is logging into the app and how they are navigating their way around the app. This helps keep care teams organized, engaged and functioning properly. 

With Hucu.ai, care workers can easily communicate with each other, their supervisors or anyone else if they have a question. One of the great things about Hucu.ai is that it brings different members of the team together in one platform. Providers and administrators can be in one chat and be updated with live information as they go. With residents in long-term care facilities, there needs to be coordination among multiple providers at the facility from the medical director to the registered nurses. Hucu.ai helps them communicate with each other on one platform. This helps drive better quality of care to the residents. 

For care teams working remotely, this has been an added advantage as they now have an online platform that connects teams and patients. 

According to Connie S. (Founder and Director of Learning and Development), 

Hucu.ai solves one of the biggest problems when your team is remote, it gives us a way to connect and chat securely with one another to provide real-time support and care for our therapists and our patients.

Patient-Centered Communication: a Secure Platform 

Lisa M, (business development specialist) summarizes how Hucu.ai is helping care teams achieve truly patient-centered care. 

We have a large patient load at multiple locations. Hucu allows us to notify all providers and appropriate staff immediately of admissions, discharges, change of condition, etc. in a HIPAA compliant manner. We communicate patient needs and updates in real-time to all.

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Channel-based communication in Hucu.ai helps caregivers communicate about multiple patients, in separate locations, with the necessary caregivers included in every chat. Picture sharing within the app helps send out protected information to the concerned departments. 

Care providers can now directly communicate with their patients through Hucu.ai.

With greater security, care providers can chat with each other, their patients or patient families in a secure platform. Patient family chat rooms allow teams of caregivers to directly communicate with the patient’s family members.

Leading the Change with Truly Patient-Centered Care 

Hucu.ai is making strides among senior living teams and is helping teams stay connected through HIPAA-compliant messaging with easy-to-manage notifications. 

It’s super easy to invite our collaborators to messaging and I can keep my professional text separate from my personal texts. Messaging has never been easier.” 

Communicating within healthcare organizations, with the patients and the families can prove challenging. Hucu.ai organizes communication workflows in a single platform, where care providers can securely communicate within and across multiple organizations. This has been valuable for care teams working in geographically dispersed locations. Multiple team members are connected through the app across locations, which helps provide timely patient care. 

The Hucu.ai team knows: a culture of excellence can only be achieved when there are no barriers to delivering patient-centered care anytime and anywhere. 

The Hucu.ai team are innovators: they listen to the customer and are always willing to find solutions.” 

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