Ten Eye-Catching Innovations for Healthcare At CES

Eye-Catching Innovations for Healthcare At CES

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The Hucu.ai team attended the CES – The Global Stage for Innovation Conference on January 7-10, 2020 in Las Vegas, NV. We were excited to come across many innovative consumer technologies that would add value to the future of healthcare. Let us walk you through 10 eye-catching innovations that we think can change the face of healthcare.


A wearable belt that prevents falls by analyzing gait. The SMART BELT is equipped with sensors and algorithms that calculate fall risk due to abnormal gait patterns. Welt points out that falls can be fatal and expensive. Falls happen due to walking patterns. With the embedded technology, the SMART BELT detects walking patterns by measuring the right and left foot strike power and walking speed through the body’s temperature. When an imbalance detected, a signal is sent to the user’s phone alerting them.

PRIA By Black & Decker


Pria is a tech-savvy medicine dispenser that helps consumers manage their medications. An easy to use three step process enables hassle-free access. Medication and their doses are loaded in the pill chute. The medication is stored in a pill-wheel which is split into doses. Lastly, the attached pill cup dispense the medication directly. This system replaces the traditional medicine cabinet and comes with an app that synched to the consumer’s phone. The app keep tracks of medication, sends reminders, and is able to communicate with the healthcare team. 



An ergonomically designed wireless headset that activates the brain utilizing sensory input mechanisms and visuospatial elements of VR. For instance, at physical therapy, the VR headset can take the user into a real life forest doing the same movements instead of doing them at a medical facility. Mieron can be used in physical therapy, rehabilitation, mental wellness, pain management, quality of life, and continued education. The device encourages users to achieve more mobility, independence, and quality of life.

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Tangilble Research – Robotic Arms


Aging seniors experience weakness in their limbs thus losing the sense of touch. The Tangible Research Team have created a pair of robotic arms as if they were your own. This technology advancement can help seniors continue working and engaged even though they may not be physically able to do the work with the help of powerful robotic arms.

LUMOS FLUX- Light Therapy Glasses


A pair of innovative eyeglasses that are designed  resync your circadian rhythm, using neurobiology. The glasses are equipped with a blue light technology to enable melatonin production. Continued wear will help reduce depression and better sleep – especially powerful for northern areas like Chicago where winters are dark and gloomy


According to Plasmacure, 140 million people worldwide are affected by chronic wounds.  This product uses cold plasma, an antibacterial, which is created by ionizing a gas by means of a strong electric field. The product is not on the market yet and being currently being used in clinical studies. The device consists of an electric pad and a pulser.

ORIGAMI WHEELS BY Seoul National University


These innovative wheels created by students at Seoul National University can be attached to wheelchairs providing seniors to navigate through different terrains comfortably.

Robotic Mobility By Panasonic


In addition to the many creations Panasonic showcased, robotic mobility was one of their newest creations. These autonomous wheel chairs are built with two laser sensors above the front wheels that can automatically brake thus preventing a collision.


A ball size robot created by Samsung that can follow seniors around the house without running into furniture. Equipped with a camera, ballie can recognize faces and objects. This is a great feature that seniors can use for reminding them about their medications and other tasks they need to perform. Ballie is a caretaker and can remind seniors of their to do lists tasks such as: eating, drinking water, etc.

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