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Helping Healthcare Respond to COVID-19

Helping Healthcare Respond to COVID-19

We all knew, that one day every provider will be able to provide care for many patients in a given moment remotely. That’s why we built!

Now is the time to keep our staff safe while still allowing them to provide and coordinate care remotely for many patients across many locations.

How is helping.

Automate COVID-19 test results notification to patients/families


Automatically notify hundreds or thousands of patients of their covid19 test results instantaneously.

Get your teams to focus more on completing tests and leave the notifications of the test results to Reduce your staff’s time in trying to communicate test results to patient via phones, etc.


Coordinating Patient-Centered Care Remotely

Instead of going into facilities and exposing themselves, providers are able to communicate in context of each patient, with other stakeholders (facility staff, hospitals, etc.) remotely.

  • Share reports, labs, files, charts, photos and more, in real-time and keep all care decisions flowing in a timely manner. 
  • Coordinate transitions between hospital, skilled nursing and broader community in real-time
  • Tag with “@” specific provider/staff so they know what they need to do
  • Get push notifications so nothing gets missed

Over communication has been identified as a great way to keep the staff moving forward effectively. Hucu allows for over communication yet in a simplified, consumable and organized manner. 

Flagging Patient & Prioritizing Based on Risk

Providing care remotely is a nightmare if providers do not have the visibility of all their patients, by location, and have a real-time feed of prioritized patient lists. They end up wasting a lot of time calling, texting, and chasing each other. 

With, Facility staff and providers have the ability to flag patients including but not limited to COVID19-PUI, C19 +VE, C19 -VE, Change in Condition, URGENT, and more. This helps in surveillance mapping of patients suspected or confirmed of COVID-19.

One-Touch Telehealth ™

Hucu has integrated ZOOM in such a way that it allows all stakeholders for each patient to jump on the same video session in less than 5 seconds. This makes the lives of Providers super easy because now they do not have to send special telehealth links to various people (via email, text, etc.) and instead start a video session as soon as they need it.  

Other Telehealth solutions are also integrating Hucu Messaging within their solutions and vice versa. Contact us if you’d like to integrate your telehealth solution.

Jump Facilities/Locations & Manage Population

Shortage of providers is a real problem during COVID-19. allows providers to keep their patient populations organized by each location they are credentialed for. 

Providers are able to communicate specifically with each locations’ staff and others, for that particular patient population. 

Share Company Wide Important Updates Quickly

In addition to patient-centered communication channels, teams can also create public or private, topic specific channels – like #covid-19 and more. Such channels can be used to disseminate and share up to the minute policy updates with teams as organizations adjust and learn more about COVID-19.

More examples include: #resident-mgmt, #staff-mgmt. #ppe, #environment-mgmt, #visitor-mgmt, #qapi, #supplies-mgmt, and more. 

Keep the dialogue going among team members above and beyond your daily or weekly calls. 

recognize staff

Recognize Staff to Keep Morale High

Share support and encouragement for healthcare professionals who are going the extra mile and working under pressure, by giving them Hucu Honors recognition points.

With Hucu dashboards, you’re able to identify the most recognized team players and therefore ensure that they are well incentivized (gift cards, thank you notes, calling out during team calls, etc.) to continue providing top-notch care during COVID-19 pandemic.

Provide Emotional Support at Individual Level, via 1-1 Direct Messages

Keep the lines of communication open among your team members by allowing team to be able to reach others quickly, especially when they need to share their fears and concerns. Allow them to more comfortably ask questions without feeling embarrassed (perhaps in a group setting) asynchronously (without having to disturb them or others during critical patient care moments).

Make staff feel that they are not alone by sending a quick personal note.

Connect Patients and their Families with their Healthcare Teams

Reduce endless telephone tag by connecting patients and their families with their healthcare providers.

Enable One Touch Telemedicine so virtual visits can be made more easily.

Hucu provides real time communication and a patient centered record of all the questions, answers, and encouragement required to make a patient journey successful. makes communication easier for everyone!