Clearfield County Area Agency on Aging
Clearfield County Area Agency on Aging is a 501(c)3 non-profit in central Pennsylvania that supports the maximum independence of older adults . The Agency provides services which range from home delivered meals to home
healthcare clinics for the older adults in Clearfield County. Their comprehensive array of services enhances the quality of life of older adults through coordinated community partnerships and initiatives that support
and educate members in the community.
Clearfield County Area Agency on Aging


Reduce preventable hospitalizations, placements, and other negative consumer outcomes

With only 10 case managers and over 1,000 older adults in need of active attention Clearfield County Area Agency on Aging was looking to find a solution for analytics and increased communication. Prioritization of cases was difficult and case managers were spending too much time trying to keep track of each consumer.

Increase communication internally and with outside partners

Clearfield County Area Agency on Aging’s quality of service depends on solid communication and coordination with their multiple contracted service partners. To provide the level of transparency and oversight that keeps their team engaged requires a communication solution that works on any device in real time. Clearfield County Area Agency on Aging’s staff and partners keep each other up to date as patient conditions change.

Assuring secure communications of confidential documents and information

Clearfield County Area Agency on Aging’s case managers are highly trusted partners to their consumers. They need to have the ability to share sensitive information with other team members to assure seamless service and continuity of care. The ability to easily and securely share documentation, care plans, and other information is critical to the quality service they provide.“ is providing us with
data to support our funding
requests and to identify
those at greatest risk.”

– Kathy, CEO

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Manage Consumer Risk in Real Time

With the implementation of, Clearfield County Area Agency on Aging is better equipped at pinpointing older adults most in need of service through data driven solutions. The consumer journey map tracks the history of each individual adult and the services and care they have received. Plus, real time acuity scores are built from
custom acuity scores from evidence-based assessments. This allows the agency to better manage intensive caseload and develop person-centered interventions.

Consumer-Centered Messaging + Patient Family Communication

Rather than sorting through streams of 1-1 silo messages (phone calls, texts, emails,
etc.), provides easy to access patient centered messaging channels. Now instead of sending or making 5 communication attempts with 5 different media, the entire team communicates with timely information in the context of each consumer. Each consumer’s collaborating team can coordinate in real time. Separate patient family channels keep family members in different geographic locations on the same page.

Easy Texting and More –Practical Sharing

Clearfield County Area Agency on Aging’s staff and partners back each other up to assure that consumers always have the support they need. gives them the
ability to share care plans, provide necessary updates and share photos securely without using any phone storage. Everything is securely saved in the cloud in organized channels.

Affordable, Responsive and Easy to Work With

Clearfield County Area Agency on Aging needed a solution that fit their service model so they can meet the challenges of managing numerous older adults. has been responsive to their needs to support their business goals by developing new features such as real time acuity scores and risk stratification flags.

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Improved Reporting on Outcome Measures’s flag reporting enhances data collection. This allows Clearfield County Area Agency on Aging to capture SDOH factors and clearly demonstrate the efficiency and quality of services their network provides to older adults in their community. also provides reports that track partner performance level, effectively keeping all partners accountable.
“We have better access to
consumer experience data
and are able to manage our
team more proactively.”

– Ethen, COO
Clearfield County Area Agency on Aging


Saved Time

Better client information sharing improves communication and enables continuity of care.

Teams on The Same Page

The right team members and contracted service partners are now included in every communication. This improves collaboration and oversight among teams.

Clearfield County Area Agency on Aging

Ability to Identify Risk

Insightful analytics that highlight risks for interventions that support maximum independence.

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