Case Study

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Twin Lakes Rehab and HealthCare

Twin Lakes Rehab and Health Care aims to provide the best possible nursing care to their residents, so that they can reach their highest potential of independence. Their vision is backed by an incredibly dedicated and caring nursing staff.  Twin Lakes provides a full range of physical, social and emotional care including for patients with Alzheimer’s.

At a glance


  • Track of Information
  • Delayed Communication
  • Team collaboration 


  • Organized information
  • Instant staff engagement
  • A constant support system
Twin lakes

“Our staff’s anxiety has decreased because they now have an instant support system to which they can reach out and get an immediate response”

Genettia D. Administrator


Keeping track of residents’ information

The team used the telephone, fax machine, and a clipboard with their concerns. Information was very difficult to track. Due to unorganized information, team members struggled to keep track of resident needs. 

Delays in communication over important health updates 

The process of following all residents and staying updated with their status was difficult. The progress and report of residents were shared once a day and critical decision-making was often delayed because of slow updates.                                                                                                                                    

Team collaboration fell behind 

The team had no collaboration on the whole. Updating each other was a hassle. While taking care of the residents, the staff was on their own and had less support. 


Streamlined flow of communication 

Constant staff engagement 

With, following all residents at the facility and staying updated on what the staff is doing 24/7 is just one tap away. Information and guidance is present 24/7 in real time, so the staff can identify and catch symptoms early on via video call on 

Greater team collaboration 

Genettia shared how just over the weekend, two residents were having an exacerbation of COPD and she was able to help and have interventions in place in time because of She thought that one of the residents may still have to go to a hospital but with the doctor’s and team’s collaboration on the app, they were able to avoid that. 

Reduced staff anxiety 

Staff is more confident with constantly available support from This has boosted their morale. 

Better patient care has allowed their staff to immediately respond over resident needs, thereby building on the quality of care they provide to their residents.

“Our ER and return to hospital is virtually zero because we have real-time care, through Our resident care is much improved. Our residents are much happier, our families are much happier, our staff’s much happier.” – Genettia Dean | Administrator


save time with hours

SAVE TIME has turned out to be one of the biggest time-savers for the staff at the Twin Lakes and Rehab facility. With the app, there are immediate responses which saves a great deal of time.

Retain staff and grow

ABILITY TO GROW has allowed their staff to immediately respond over resident needs, thereby building on the quality of care they provide to their residents.