Prepare to care


Prepare to Care – Emergency Companions, LLC was launched by Carole Hirsch, who is a Board Certified Patient Advocate and has been serving clients and families since 1994. With 25+ years of providing care to the elderly in Palm Beach County at her service, Carole’s team of care experts helps clients age with dignity and grace. Prepare to Care provides support to individuals in times of medical crisis, with the motto “No one should face a medical crisis by themselves.”



  • Collaboration with clients, family members and staff
  • Confusing text messaging threads
  • Concern for privacy & security


  • streamlines the flow of communication
  • is HIPAA compliant
  • is quite easy to use
Prepare to care

“ is instrumental, in that when you create clients, you can collaborate so efficiently. Everyone knows what is going on. It saves a lot of time and confusion.


 – Carole H, Board Certified Patient Advocate & Geriatric Navigator


Patient care requires collaboration

The team at Prepare to Care – Emergency Companions commit themselves to providing patient care to the best of their abilities from the newest advocate to the most experienced team member. This meant they needed a communication solution to collaborate and keep each other updated on client developments, problems and solutions. 

Keeping track of important text messages

Need for HIPAA compliant photo & file sharing 

For Carole and her team of associates, HIPAA compliance mattered a great deal as it directly concerns the patients they support and their safety. They wanted to communicate securely each other, especially when sharing relevant pictures without compromising on patient security. 


Channel-based organization and communication

Easy to manage patient and discussion channels in allow multiple providers to communicate about the patient, streamlining messages. This has helped Prepare to Care stay organized and navigate through messages via’s mobile app on their business or personal phones. Finding messages is easy, as now it is all in one place and can be accessed from whichever phone is closest to them.  

Team support and professional development helps Carole drive her business forward, by enabling her to impart knowledge to new business associates.This simplifies things for their team and keeps everyone on task. By having real-time communication, the Prepare to Care team is able to be more proactive and responsive as complex client needs evolve.

Compliance with HIPAA is a HIPAA compliant messaging platform and that is vital for Prepare to Care and the services they provide to their patients. offers security as now, Carole and her team can share pictures with each other (a patient’s wound for instance) knowing that it is HIPAA compliant. For their team, they know that their client’s information is safe and that takes precedence above all else. Plus, the separate Patient/ Family Mode helps build trust with clients and their support system.

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Super easy to use

The team at Prepare to Care has been quite comfortable using from the get-go and did not require any such training. “If you can text, you can Hucu.”

A supportive team

Prepare to Care folks praise and its wonderful team. By providing ongoing tips for better communication using’s time-saving features, has supported Prepare to Care in providing a high quality service while enabling them to grow. 


save time with hours

SAVE TIME saves time for the entire team at Prepare to Care. has made it easier for them to send messages while managing two different phones. Now they can use in either one and conveniently access real-time updates.



With, the right team members are now included in every communication. is helping their team solve problems, as everyone gets to weigh in and solve it together as a team.


ABILITY TO GROW supports Prepare to Care in their vision for better patient care. By supporting their team, they can take on more team members and clients. allows them to securely communicate with their families, which helps the business grow.