Case Study



Family Center for Recovery is a psychiatric drug and alcohol treatment facility. They offer specialized services with regard to mental health and substance use disorders among teens, adults and pregnant women. With evidence-based medicine as their key strategy, FCFR strives to help individuals with all options available to them with what treatment will work best for them. FCFR takes in patients from all over the U.S., which other treatment facilities are not able to. They are the only facility in Florida that is run by an addiction psychiatrist and with this, their goal is to help all those individuals that no one else will treat. 

At a glance


  • Communication across a big team
  • Timely patient updates
  • HIPAA compliance 


  • organizes communication in easy to manage channels
  • The ability to manage notifications in saves time
  • is HIPAA compliant
  • is VERY user-friendly 

“FCFR is committed to supporting our entire team and to providing the highest quality care.”

Dr. Robert M- MD, FAPA, FASAM, Founder

“We have such amazing communication because of, that now our patients are actually getting better care. Now, everybody that comes in on the second shift knows exactly what was going on the first shift. They know what is going on and who to work with.”

Bill S.- IT Director 


Communication across a large organization

Patient care coordination: important but time consuming

Family Center for Recovery is a big facility that cares for patients from all over the United States. With multiple providers supporting patients across more than one shift, up to date information is critical. FCFR wanted to make it easier for their employees to stay updated on patients and save time to coordinate better patient care.

HIPAA compliant communication needs

Family Center for Recovery had previously worked with solutions that were not HIPAA compliant. They sought a communication strategy that was HIPAA compliant, as this concerned their company and the way they were communicating across their facility a great deal. 


Configurable channel-based messaging helps providers at Family Center for Recovery stay updated on any important patient updates around the clock. Bespoke configurable team channels in centralize messages so that the right users have access at the right time quickly. enables real-time communication among healthcare providers, which helps the entire staff at FCFR know what is going on with each patient at all times. 

Ease in workflow communication has improved the flow of communication considerably for everyone at FCFR. They are now able to communicate with far more ease and relay information between employees much quicker and more efficiently. makes it possible for everyone at the facility to stay informed, connected and updated on every important activity that goes on at their facility. 

Saves a lot of time

Super easy to implement

The team at Family Center for Recovery were able to implement very easily across their entire team and did not face any problems. Their team was very comfortable using from the start.

HIPAA compliance is a HIPAA compliant messaging solution. That is very important for FCFR’s day to day communication as this has had a positive impact on the way they communicate on a day to day basis. 


save time with hours

SAVE TIME saves the entire team at Family Center for Recovery a lot of time, Now, they can simply check their messages via and see which channel they were tagged in and what they need to do. really has made it easier for them to quickly check any important message while working through both tough and busy work schedules.



Healthcare teams often struggle when implementing different technology programs. However, made this a very smooth transition for everyone at FCFR. Teaching the team how to use it really was a one-day thing for hundreds of users. Thus, the WHOLE TEAM is engaged.

Retain staff and grow

RETAIN STAFF TO GROW is helping the Family Center for Recovery provide better patient care. Moreover, by better supporting their team, staff retention is improved. With better staff satisfaction and better care, more families trust their loved ones to FCFR.