Arkansas Valley Hospice


Arkansas Valley Hospice is a team of medical, spiritual and non-medical professionals serving seven counties across Southeastern Colorado out of La Junta. They offer services for compassionate hospice care along with palliative care, bereavement and grief support. Their vision centers around patient-centered care as their hospice team prioritizes patient needs and their families above all else. Arkansas Valley is committed to getting hospice care to all who qualify for it so that there are no regrets. They know that receiving hospice does not mean “giving up” and that the only regret most hospice patients have is not accessing services earlier.



  • Confusion over texts messages
  • Building the team across a geographically dispersed location
  • The need for a HIPAA Compliant messaging platform


  • offers patient-centered communication, bringing providers together over a patient’s condition
  • Activities in such as awarding Honors builds team feelings 
  • is HIPAA compliant
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“ has been very beneficial for our staff and communication. Overall, has helped out quite a bit!”

Amber C, Director of Nursing

“It’s unheard of what we are doing, to be so communicative with each other. I think has built our team. It has gotten us more solid. We know what is going on out there. I like it and it’s confidential.”

       Anita P, Director



A string of confusing text messages

Building the team across different locations

Arkansas Valley Hospice needed a strong medium to communicate with their team members in clients’ homes across different locations. A communication solution that worked on any device in real time became a necessity, which would keep team members engaged as they carried out their services. 

Looking for a hipaa compliant messaging solution

Arkansas Valley Hospice previously used non-HIPAA compliant texting as their messaging solution. They had been looking for a HIPAA compliant messaging platform. They needed to have the ability to share sensitive information with other team members to assure seamless service and continuity of care. 


Patient centric communication: an active reality! has efficiently organized the flow of communication for the team at Arkansas Valley Hospice, through patient channels, team channels and the ability to direct message someone. Patient-centered channels that their team members mostly leverage are unique to, compared with other options for communication. Their team actively use patient-centered channels to communicate in, pretty much anytime there is a message pertaining to a patient. 

Powerful analytics track engagement

Team members at Arkansas Valley Hospice regularly award each other honors via, and this brilliantly serves the purpose of team members both collaborating and appreciating each other at the same time. has built on that team feeling in their organization, and has strengthened ties among team members. 

Compliance with HIPAA

Super easy to collaborate

Arkansas Valley Hospice was easily able to implement the app across their entire team right away. is available via browser on any internet device as well as in an easy to use app (IOS or Android). This makes collaboration easy across the entire team.


save time with hours


Through patient-centered channels, saves time where communication about a patient in a single setting is now possible. Better client information sharing improves communication and enables continuity of care. No more waiting on phone calls and voicemails!

Reduce burnout


The right team members are now included in every communication. This improves collaboration and keeps the teams focused and engaged. has effectively increased team collaboration and reduced frustration and burnout at Arkansas Valley Hospice.



Insightful analytics across their organization help them scale faster. is a supporting mechanism for all those at Arkansas Valley Hospice as they continue to move forward with patient care as well as their business goals.