Nest In Place is an innovative, solution based provider of home care. Nest In Place provides support for families across a spectrum of needs. They work collaboratively with clients and their families to design solutions that offer more than just hours in the home. Their unique approach assures that their clients are as independent as possible and families have the help they need from light housework, to advocating for clients in the hospital and everywhere in between.



  • Eliminating confusing and convoluted texts messages
  • Building a strong patient centered culture across a large geographically dispersed team
  • Assuring secure communication of confidential documents and information


  • enables real-time communication
  • Messages, forms and patient information can be shared instantly 
  • Team communication is easy with channels to keep all the right people in the loop
About Nest In Place

“Hucu has become an indispensable tool to help us retain staff and grow.”

Karen, DPT, Owner


Sustainable growth requires better support

Nest In Place is committed to growth by providing the best patient-centered care. A strong culture depends on solid communication when their team members are constantly on the road and in their clients’ homes. To provide the level of guidance and support that keeps their team engaged required a communication solution that worked on any device in real time and flexibly managed access as required.

Eliminating confusing and convoluted text messages

Assuring secure communications of confidential documents and information

Nest In Place’s team members are highly trusted partners to their clients. They need to have the ability to share sensitive information with other team members to assure seamless service and continuity of care. The ability to easily and securely share pictures, care plans, and other information was critical to high quality care.


Patient-centered messaging

Rather than sorting through streams of 1-1 silo messages (phone calls, texts, emails, etc.), provides easy to access patient centered messaging channels. Now instead of sending or making 5 communication attempts with 5 different media, the entire team communicates with timely information in the context of each patient. Each patient’s collaborating team can coordinate in real time. 95% agree that they have “Greater trust that the best care is being provided”.

Powerful analytics track hucu honors for each team member

Team communication leaderboards give visibility to who is the most collaborative on the team. This enables the team to recognize each other for doing the right thing and supporting their team. Nest in Place averages 50 activities per person per month in and found that proactive outreach results in more engagement.

Easy texting and more - practical sharing

Easy to implement

After a brief demo with the team, Nest In Place was able to implement the app across their entire team right away. is available via browser on any internet device as well as in an easy to use app (IOS or Android). No IT support required! 95% agree that it’s easier to access staff to ask questions and gain information.

Affordable, responsive and easy to work

Nest In Place needed a solution that fit their business model so they could meet the increasing needs of seniors who want to age in place. They are growing quickly and provides a platform that scales with them as they grow. 79% of their staff members are very satisfied with the support they receive from the team.


save time with hours


Better client information sharing improves communication and enables continuity of care. has saved the staff at Nest in Place a lot of time: 95% of them say that saves them MORE THAN an hour in a typical day as opposed to using phones, emails or text messages.



The right team members are now included in every communication. This improves collaboration and keeps the teams focused. has brought the team of Nest in Place together: 100% of Nest In Place team says communication and engagement has increased among staff members.