MPAC Healthcare


MPAC Healthcare is a proven industry leader in providing clinical solutions to senior living communities. Their team of Nurse Practitioners and Licensed Clinical Social Workers collaborate with leading Medical Directors to deliver the new gold standard in primary care & mental health care. MPAC clients improve outcome measures and star ratings, setting the industry standard in care for the aging.



  • Building a strong patient centered culture across a large geographically dispersed team of clinicians and support staff
  • Launching a comprehensive Telehealth program
  • Collecting  insightful analytics to help in business decisions


  • enables real-time communication
  • Daily patient hot lists are visible to all partners so everyone is on the same page
  • Messages, forms, and patient information can be shared instantly 
  • Easy One Touch Telehealth visits support communities in improving outcomes and avoiding unnecessary hospitalizations
MPAC Healthcare

“Hucu has allowed me to keep my patient related messages organized. My team can reach me instantly and stay in touch all day, and when I’m on call, all evening.”

Fran W, NP

“I love being able to follow up on each patient’s care quickly and keep the team in the loop.” 

Ashley  Y, NP


Keeping a geographically dispersed team connected requires better tools

Assuring that MPAC Healthcare team members are connected to clinical leadership across more than 100 communities was daunting. Especially in post acute care, patient needs require excellent communication within and across teams. Keeping teams connected for important policy initiatives as well as team building is critical.

Launching a comprehensive, affordable telehealth program

AC needed a turnkey solution to provide easy access to virtual visits. In order to support customers and teams during intensive infection control measures, virtual visits became essential and not just “nice to have”. MPAC was looking for a flexible and simple way to connect their Nurse Practitioners with Directors of Nursing and Floor Nurses that they interact with daily as well as with Medical Directors – before, during, and after a telehealth visit.

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Organizing a large team across multiple client locations requires better analytics

MPAC needed better visibility into how their teams communicate with clients. When nurse practitioners are using email, voicemail, fax, phone, etc., there is no consistency of communication and no visibility. Without a scalable technology, there are no analytics of how the teams are interacting, what’s the telehealth program performance, and what patient conditions are driving risk.


Easy texting and more -- comprehensive telehealth

MPAC clinicians can communicate with teams across their own organization as well as the skilled nursing partners they work with. Teams can easily send/receive documents, images, and links while tagging collaborators for immediate notification and accountability. Robotic Process Automation (RPA) allows SNFs to automatically notify the right Telehealth team based on patient needs. Information is quickly shared securely. Video visits are easy to coordinate and launch directly from the app.

Affordable, responsive and easy to work with

MPAC needed a solution that fit with their business model as is built to optimize Post Acute Care workflows and it is available for a nominal fee. All of MPACs customers from Medical Directors to Skilled Nursing teams have access to for FREE. delivers solutions that get the job done and get their customers launched to improve outcomes, provider satisfaction, and client satisfaction.

Powerful analytics

Patient-centered messaging

Rather than sorting through streams of 1-1 silo messages (phone calls, texts, emails, etc.), provides easy to access patient centered messaging channels. Now instead of sending or making 5 communication attempts with 5 different media, the entire team communicates with timely information in the context of each patient. Each patient’s collaborating team can coordinate in real time.

Easy to implement

After a brief demo with the team, MPAC was able to implement the app across their entire team right away. is available via browser on any internet device as well as in an easy to use app (IOS or Android). No IT support required!




Better patient tracking saves so much time communicating that virtual MPAC teams can manage more locations. enables constant communication among all providers. This has improved the workflow and has saved time for everyone.



Through's RPA, the right teams are automatically alerted based on each specific patient’s needs. This improves communication and keeps the teams focused. makes everyone at MPAC healthcare feel like they are part of the team organization.

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Insightful analytics and workflow automation across MPAC and their client organizations help them scale faster. has solidified workflows at their organization, thereby contributing to the quality of care.