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Mi Familia Home Health is a relentless provider of impeccable home health care services to 34 counties in the Southern part of Texas. Mi Familia’s passion for excellence in the field is driven by the increasing demand for non-institutionalized care. Their team of Skilled Nurses, PT’s and OT’s lead towards complete health and recovery. Medical Social Workers and Home Health Aides facilitate economic, financial, emotional and household management needs so that elder loved ones are well cared for.

At a glance


  • Keeping track of quickly changing census
  • Providing real-time updates across a large geographically dispersed team
  • Assuring secure communication of confidential documents and information


  • enables real-time communication
  • Photos, messages, forms, and patient information can be shared instantly
  • Team communication is easy with channels to keep all the right people in the loop
Familia Home Health

“Hucu makes it easy for me to keep track of patients.”

Cynthia, Marketing

“Hucu has been a real benefit to keep our communication flowing. I can get information to the entire team easily.”

Rebecca, Office Management


Keeping track of quickly changing census

With family needs arising quickly and the urgent need to provide care, the Mi Familia team needs to keep each other informed of client situations. Mi Familia needed a better way of managing the process of on-boarding new patients and keeping the team aligned.

Providing real-time updates across a geographically dispersed team

Mi Familia Home Health’s high quality services require excellent teamwork. When care team members are constantly on the road and operating virtually, it’s difficult to stay in the loop. Mi Familia Home Health teams need to keep each other up to date as patient conditions change.

Assuring secure communication of confidential documents and information

Mi Familia Home Health’s team members are highly trusted partners to their clients. They need to have the ability to share sensitive information with other team members to assure seamless service and continuity of care. The ability to easily and securely share pictures, care plans, and other information is critical to high quality care.


Patient-centered messaging

Easy to implement

After a brief demo with the team, Mi Familia Home Health was able to implement the app across their entire team right away. is available via browser on any internet device as well as in an easy to use app (IOS or Android). No IT support required!

Easy texting and more - practical sharing

Mi Familia Home Health Team members back each other up to assure that clients always have the support they need. gives them the ability to share care plans, provide necessary updates and share photos securely without using any phone storage. Everything is securely saved in the cloud in organized channels.

Affordable, responsive and easy to work with

Mi Familia Home Health needed a solution that fit their business model so they could meet the challenges of managing numerous transitions. has been responsive to their needs in order to support their business goals.

Powerful analytics track hucu honors for each team member

Team communication leaderboards give visibility to who is the most collaborative on the team. This enables the team to recognize each other for doing the right thing and supporting their team.



Saved Time

Better client information sharing improves communication and enables continuity of care.


Teams On The Same Page

The right team members are now included in every communication. This improves collaboration and keeps the teams focused.

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Ability To Grow

Insightful analytics across their organization help them scale faster.