Case Study: About Loving Hands Hospice

About Loving Hands Hospice

Loving Hands Hospice is a family focused agency providing care for those facing the final stages of life. Their nearly two dozen cross disciplinary professionals serve 6 Missouri counties.  Loving Hands meets patient needs in the privacy of the patient’s own home with care and compassion. Their approach enhances the patient’s dignity by caring for physical, spiritual and emotional needs while providing comprehensive support and education to families.

At a glance


  • Eliminating confusing and convoluted texts messages
  • Building a strong patient centered culture across a large geographically dispersed team
  • Assuring secure communications of confidential documents and information


  • enables real-time communication
  • Photos, messages, forms, and patient information can be shared instantly 
  • Team communication is easy with channels to keep all the right people in the loop
About Loving Hands Hospice

“Hucu has become our secret weapon to enable our team to provide the best care.”

Lloyd, Business Development

“Hucu was the most comprehensive solution that we found to provide simple HIPAA compliant texting.”

Andrea, Administration


Eliminating confusing and convoluted text messages

With the frequency and intensity of communication required to assure the very best services for their clients, Loving Hands Hospice was not happy with their texting solution. Care team members had to play the “initials game” with patients and strings were very difficult to maintain.

Building a strong patient centered culture across a geographically dispersed team

Assuring secure communication of confidential documents and information

Loving Hands Hospice team members are highly trusted partners to their clients. They need to have the ability to share sensitive information with other team members to assure seamless service and continuity of care. The ability to easily and securely share pictures, care plans, and other information was critical to high quality care.


Patient-centered messaging

Rather than sorting through streams of 1-1 silo messages (phone calls, texts, emails, etc.), provides easy to access patient centered messaging channels. Now, instead of sending or making 5 communication attempts with 5 different media, the entire team communicates with timely information in the context of each patient. Each patient’s collaborating team can coordinate in real time.

Powerful analytics track hucu honors for each team member

Team communication leaderboards give visibility to who is the most collaborative on the team. This enables the team to recognize each other for doing the right thing and supporting their team.

Easy texting and more - practical sharing

Loving Hands Hospice Team members back each other up to assure that clients always have the support they need. gives them the ability to share care plans, provide necessary updates and share photos securely without using any phone storage. Everything is securely saved in the cloud in organized channels.

Easy to implement

Affordable, responsive and easy to work

Loving Hands Hospice needed a solution that fit their business model so they could meet the challenges of managing numerous transitions. has been responsive to their needs in order to support their business goals.



Saved Time

Through patient-centered in-built features, saves time where communication over a patient in a single setting is now possible. Better client information sharing improves communication and enables continuity of care.


Teams On The Same Page

The right team members are now included in every communication. This improves collaboration and keeps the teams focused. has effectively increased team collaboration at Loving Hands Hospice.

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Ability To Grow

Insightful analytics across their organization help them scale faster. is a supporting mechanism for all those at Lovings Hands Hospice as they continue move forward with their business goals.