How Healthcare Organizations are Implementing Innovative Virtual-First Care Models


‍Health care is changing faster than ever, and many organizations embrace virtual-first care. However, most hospitals and primary care practices still operate with a brick-and-mortar model. Virtual first care provides patient-centered care in an interactive video conference (IVC) environment before moving them to a traditional setting for follow-up care or resuming their long-term treatment plan […]

Eight Ways How Telehealth Providers Can Keep Up with Growing Patient Demand


Telehealth providers are facing a challenge unlike they ever have before – how to keep up with the growing demand of patients. With the advent of digital healthcare and the availability of online services, more and more people are seeking Telehealth services. This influx of patients is creating unprecedented demand for Telehealth providers and can […]

Is it Time to Switch to a New EHR Software?

EHR Software

Electronic Health Record (EHR) software streamlines the management of remote patient information including charts, treatments, and medications in addition to reimbursement bills. The software is suitable for both in-person and remote medical appointments, and EHR systems have integrated features for telemedicine. This feature makes it easier to oversee the operations of the practice for both […]

HIPAA Privacy: Reviewing Calling & Planning Ahead

HIPAA Privacy

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) has been in effect for 25 years, and this year there may be modifications related to patient access to protected health information (PHI). HIPAA Information is Eye-Opening. There are currently over 400 covered entities on the Department of Health & Services Office for Civil Rights’ so-called ‘wall […]

How Patients Can Benefit From Technology

Patients Can Benefit From Technology

Patients can be better educated to manage their health conditions if they receive proper care. Care management makes reducing repetitive medical services and improving patient outcomes simpler and less stressful. Patients can improve their quality of life from one message to the next by eliminating duplication and coordinating patient care. Implementing patient-centered care technology at […]

What Are Electronic Medical Records? Discusses EMRs

‍ Before the digital age, medical records were primarily paper-based. Keeping track of a patient’s history and past diagnoses was challenging for doctors and nurses. In addition, there was no standard way of documenting patient information or keeping track of test results from lab visits or hospital stays. This led to note sharing between healthcare […]

Nine Tips To Lead As A Patient Access Manager 


Patient access management (PAM) is a strategy that optimizes healthcare processes with the goal of reducing waiting times and increasing patient satisfaction in consideration of HIPAA compliance. As such, PAM has become an essential part of the modern healthcare ecosystem. With patient access management, hospitals are able to monitor wait times and streamline admissions procedures […]

Compassion Can Change Patient Outcomes

Compassion Can Change Patient Outcomes

Humans are generally wired to welcome positive empathy and compassion, it increases connections and therefore emotional efficiency. Compassion Can Change Patient Outcomes is perhaps one of the most universally accepted human values. Treating patients with compassion often works like a miracle in healthcare.  Dr. Stephen Trzeciak, MPH in Health Policy and Administration mentioned in his […]

3 Ways Medical Staff Can Collaborate More Efficiently- Taking SBAR to the Next Level

Ways Medical Staff Can Collaborate More Efficiently

Ongoing collaboration of your medical staff is crucial to the successful operation of your facility and the delivery of quality treatment to your patients. Education and training can help improve a medical practitioner’s ability to collaborate with other team members, partners, and consultants both on the site and remotely. Collaboration and communication within your medical […]