Home Care Relationships Thrive on Effective Communication

Home Care Relationships

When home care providers visit clients, building a strong physical and emotional connection is critical to a trusting relationship. These connections can be strengthened by improving communication skills so that home care providers can give and take vital information/instructions to clients. Effective home care communication requires one to think from the patient’s perspective so that […]

Top Tips for Securing Private Health Data

Securing Private Health Data

Organizations should look for a robust healthcare data protection program that goes beyond compliance. Here are some of the top tips for protecting patient data against new types of data threats today.Protecting data in the healthcare industry is a challenging task. Data security in healthcare organizations has become a major concern for this reason. Healthcare […]

Data Security Must Always be Top Priority in Healthcare

Data Security

In the healthcare industry, many employees are somewhat aware of data privacy but don’t understand why it needs to be an integral part of their business operations. While HIPAA compliance is a common motivation that a lot of organizations have in securing sensitive data, there are many other key reasons why organizations need to be […]

Why EHRs are NOT Communication Tools


Minutes and seconds matter in healthcare. A patient who is going through a stroke will have less chance of functional independence and a higher chance of mortality when treatment has been delayed. The same is true for other medical conditions like heart attacks or sepsis. Time is always of the essence.A faster response can lead […]

Part 3: How to Successfully Transform Your Culture for the Platinum Rule

Successfully Transform Your Culture

In recent years, the Golden Rule in healthcare has been taken over by the Platinum Rule. The Golden Rule meant that we would treat patients as we would want to be treated. However, when patients’ experiences and outlooks deviate from our own, we stop being a reliable barometer of their values, needs and goals. Inaccurate […]

AMDA 2022 – Three Top of the Mind Issues

Importance of Hospital Communication

The AMDA Annual Conference represented the community of over 50,000 medical directors, physicians, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, and other practitioners working in the various post-acute and long-term care (PALTC) settings.AMDA 2022 intended to promote and enhance the development of competent, compassionate, and committed medical practitioners and leaders to provide goal-centered care across all post-acute and […]

Why Hucu.ai is Better than WhatsApp for Healthcare Communication

Hucu.ai is Better than WhatsApp

Why Hucu.ai is Better than WhatsApp for Healthcare Communication  The messaging platform WhatsApp is becoming the go-to texting solution for people communicating with their friends and family who want easy, free, encrypted communication. Unfortunately, people are also using it professionally, as healthcare providers and healthcare professionals naturally seek digital solutions to improve communication and workplace […]

Top Challenges In Home Based Health Care Delivery

Home Based Health Care

One of the most promising opportunities to lower costs and improve care is to move care delivery to homes. A staggering number of new and established organizations are not just launching but also scaling to move primary, acute, and palliative care to the home. For vulnerable and frail patients, home-based care can delay the need […]

This ONE Hospital Communication App Resolves ALL Communication Problems

Hospital Communication App

Have you ever felt exasperated because you took time out to show up for an important meeting only to find out that it was canceled and you were not informed? Such miscommunication and missed connections result in lost opportunities while wasting precious time. However, a similar missed communication in a hospital setting is not just […]

Advantages of a Secure Messaging Healthcare App

Advantages of a Secure Messaging Healthcare App

As the healthcare industry implements more and more technology with numerous platforms for communication popping up, mobile applications are at the forefront of this enormous evolution.The Healthcare industry can no longer rely on antiquated technology within secure communication. Leading healthcare organizations, medical facilities, practices, and insurance companies have started to adopt more secure messaging apps […]

How Important is Effective Communication in the Healthcare Industry?

communication among the medical staff

Communication is fundamental to healthcare. In fact, in healthcare, timely, accurate communication can aid in preventing injuries and even death. Moreover, effective communication can increase trust between the caregiver and the patient while strengthening relationships among staff members. Effective communication between healthcare professionals has to be timely, clear, and confidential. This communication is required to […]

Hucu.ai Making Care Accessible Amidst Fuel Price Crisis and Shortage of Home Care Staff

Care Accessible Amidst

Skyrocketing fuel prices exacerbated by the war in Ukraine are definitely replacing COVID-19 as the latest crisis in home healthcare industry. The spike in fuel prices has already forced some home care agencies and providers to increase wages at a time when high caregiver demand and inflation are already putting an upward pressure on wages. […]