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Advantages of a Secure Messaging Healthcare App

Advantages of a Secure Messaging Healthcare App
As the healthcare industry implements more and more technology with numerous platforms for communication popping up, mobile applications are at the forefront of this enormous evolution.
The Healthcare industry can no longer rely on antiquated technology within secure communication. Leading healthcare organizations, medical facilities, practices, and insurance companies have started to adopt more secure messaging apps for their internal communication systems.
Secure messaging healthcare apps available in the market today are designed to be HIPAA compliant and offer instant communication. This lets the medical professionals exchange confidential and sensitive patient information without worrying about violating HIPAA rules, having security breaches, or data theft.
Since efficiency is the key to a successful healthcare organization, poor communication processes and systems will slow down effectively serving patients. Public communication systems and pagers are outdated. Healthcare organizations need secure messaging healthcare apps to communicate with their peers in a secure environment so that they are complying with HIPAA and also protecting their patient’s confidential information.
A hospital, healthcare facility, or clinic can run more efficiently if they implement secure messaging healthcare apps, which have several benefits.

HIPAA Compliance

HIPAA has been amended to include regulations for using technology for instant communication. Hospitals that do not comply with these regulations can face a hefty fine of $60,000or above for a single offense. They can be fined more than $1.5 million for repeat offenses. More valuable than cash fines, hospitals and healthcare organizations can also lose their good reputation, which also causes loss of business.
A secure messaging healthcare app like fulfills all HIPAA requirements while being easy to use and scalable. It gives a healthcare organization a very efficient way of communicating with the team while being HIPAA compliant. is a user-friendly instant messaging system that makes it easy for the teams to share confidential information in the form of documents, pictures, videos, and text messages with a single click.

Organized Workflow and Better Productivity

A secure messaging healthcare app reduces communication costs since they use the latest communication technology and are cost-efficient.
A healthcare facility’s communication with patients, clients, staff, and administration will be smoother and more efficient using a secure messaging healthcare app like can easily replace different communication tools like phones, emails or pagers. Employees can exchange patient health status and information like test reports, X-rays, charts, medication prescriptions, and more.
Doing so can allow the medical team to optimize their schedules and the time taken to do certain tasks – making the overall practice more profitable. They save time otherwise spent chasing communications. There will no longer be the need to check emails, reply to emails, leave voicemails and wait around for information to get back on a phone call or email. By using an instant messaging app like, they can get their message across and receive a reply instantly.


Using a secure messaging healthcare app like, a healthcare organization can easily cut costs and enhance efficiency in several ways. The most obvious way of saving a lot of costs is the ability to download the application directly to the mobile device. With an effective BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) policy, users can download easily to their personal smartphone. The healthcare facility does not have to spend a fortune purchasing separate devices. data is securely stored in the cloud, making it safe via user id and password management. is compatible with iOS and Android devices (mobiles, desktops, and tablets) to ensure that everyone on the team has unrestricted access to messaging.

Looking for a Secure Messaging App for Healthcare? is the Best Choice. was specifically built for the healthcare industry after understanding the pains and gaps of communication within it. is a secure, user-friendly messaging solution that is HIPAA-compliant and facilitates internal and external communication.

Here is how Works for Physicians and Nurse Practitioner Groups helps everyone get more done every day.
Physicians and NP groups can organize providers’ days by automatically generating real-time prioritized patients’ hotlists which are organized by each facility. streamlines communication between providers and facility staff by allowing them to communicate in context within each Patient-Channel, with each other in 1-1 direct messages, and within internal/external groups through Collaboration Channels. You also get distinctive notifications on your phone when providers and faculty staff tag each other or when the entire group is tagged. enables teams to coordinate care faster which results in better patient outcomes. Staff can make timely care decisions by quickly identifying and messaging all other stakeholders (facility, home health, therapy, specialists, etc.) unique to each specific patient. Providers can spend more time providing care instead of trying to find who is who in the care team and their contact information for each specific patient. allows organizing or finding all information for each specific patient (like documents, med lists, wound photos/videos, report summaries, and more) shared by different staff from different organizations.
One of the key differentiating factors of is that it allows the medical team to take timely actions for higher acuity patients by empowering other collaborators to quickly flag (urgent, accurate change in condition, PUI, Covid-19 + and more) such patients.
Most secure messaging healthcare apps may be great for communication within the organization. is different because it brings together the patient, family, and care team in the conversation. understands that better communication drives better care which in turn increases patient/family satisfaction. With, patient/family anxiety is reduced because of steady and timely communication. It provides patients and families with best in class experience with organized messages in instead of disjointed personal messages in a device app. Overall, patient family satisfaction is improved by providing seamless communication across all involved care teams. has several features that fulfill HIPAA requirements, take away the pains in communication, and offer peace of mind to the care team. It is easy+ to implement and can be used within 10 minutes of installation.
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