Accelerate Post-Acute Referrals With Real-Time Care Coordination Technology

Post-Acute Referrals With Real-Time Care Coordination Technology

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By WorldView ltd

Healthcare systems have worked separately in the past, managing acute care, discharging, and moving on to the next patient. However, as regulatory goals shift toward value-based care, post-acute referrals to home health agencies have become a key way to improve outcomes. 

Yet organizing care between teams is a challenge. The better agencies can make the process, the faster they can act on referrals, and the sooner patients can access treatment. Modern care coordination technology is a simple solution and can help streamline referrals

What Is Care Coordination Technology?

Care coordination is the process of managing patient care activities among providers. As the name suggests, coordination technologies make it easier to organize care. Providers can quickly transfer patient data, share expertise, and order the correct treatment. The best technologies are intuitive and automated, with strong communication functions. 

Benefits of Technology in Post-Acute Referrals

Home health agencies face increasing demand for home care delivery and pressure to provide a quality post-acute experience. Technology helps agencies improve organization, eliminate redundancies, and manage expectations.   

Eliminate Redundant Data

The referral process involves detailed information-sharing between external care teams, the agency back office, patients, and family members. Agencies need medical histories, medication lists, and other data points that direct patient care. 

Management technology that integrates with messaging and EMR software helps eliminate redundant data and repetitive admin tasks. Records automatically transfer or update, which helps reduce errors and increase staff productivity. Ultimately, those benefits trickle down to improved patient outcomes.

Manage Expectations

Post-acute relationships are a source of revenue for home health agencies. A practitioner within an agency can deliver high-quality care at a lower cost than hospitals or other facilities. However, clear expectations are essential.

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Agencies need clear guidelines on the expected clinical outcomes and patient experience. Patients also need to know what happens next and when. This type of communication prevents surprises and frustration with the plan of care.

Integrated technology helps agencies establish open communication lines between patients and families, team members, and authorized partners. With better communication and expectations, agencies can improve responsiveness to referrals, operations, and patient satisfaction. 

Improve Organization

Email, voicemail, and fax are popular communication tools for many agencies. While these may be a bootstrap solution, they don’t consolidate information, leading to data silos. 

Modern technologies like WorldView and replace these tools and combine them into one solution. The result is streamlined communication among all parties. Patients and providers can quickly and seamlessly find documents, messages, and information. 

Manage Post-Acute Referrals With WorldView and 

WorldView is a cloud-based management system designed to store and share information. The referral management hub simplifies the intake process with referral packets, mobile collection, and referral tracking. 

The hub integrates with EMR software, automatically links patients to existing documents, and updates records in real time. 

Secure and HIPAA-compliant, this software offers a more flexible way to communicate with patients, staff, and external care teams. 

With WorldView and, agencies can access feature-rich tools to simplify post-acute referrals and patient care. Schedule a demo today and learn how to streamline operations.  

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