8 Ways To Engage Patients In Healthcare

Patients In Healthcare

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We live in a world where people are living longer, but at the same time, they are also living with more chronic conditions. This has led to an increased demand for healthcare services. However, it is not just about the need for more healthcare providers. Patients also want to be engaged in their care and treatment plans.

Patient’s Fear of COVID-19:   In the starting days of the COVID-19 pandemic, people were avoiding going to the doctor or hospital for fear of exposure. Monitoring of overall health is necessary even during the COVID-19 pandemic. Preventative care appointments, like regular checkups, cancer screenings, chronic disease prevention, follow-ups, and mental health maintenance are also imperative. Low attendance of preventive care visits is a problem for a variety of reasons. We will offer a few solutions for engaging patients in healthcare despite ever-changing circumstances.

Use of Telehealth:   Healthcare providers, whether general practitioners, specialists or nurses, all need to communicate with patients for a variety of purposes. Providers can use HIPAA Secure Messaging or Video Conferencing to help them communicate more easily and gain more insight from the patient and also improve patient engagement by providing better communication while sharing medical data. They also get the opportunity to ask questions that they would not be able to form in person. People are often reluctant to visit the doctor because of the long wait times and the expenses. They also don’t like being told what to do, they want to be more involved in their healthcare decisions.

Engaging Patients in Healthcare:   People want to know what is going on with their health and they want to know what can be done about it. Providing information is a great way of engaging them in the conversation and getting them involved in their own care. Feedback from patients can be extremely valuable for doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals because it gives them insight into how people feel about their experience with the healthcare system and what they need or want from the system going forward. The most important thing for a healthcare provider is to make sure that their patients are engaged and involved in their care. The more engaged they are, the better outcomes they will have.

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There are many ways to engage patients in healthcare. In this blog, we will discuss 8 ways you can engage patients in healthcare and get them involved with their treatment plans. These are as given below:

Be Transparent about medical procedures and treatments.

The healthcare provider should discuss openly and clear information about the patient’s health issues and brief them on what could affect their health, at this time healthcare provider should engage the patient by discussing the procedure and treatment of their disease.  In this way patients gain trust that he is in safe hands.

Invite the patient to the treatment process as much as possible.

When the doctor suggests the treatment and the patient agrees to go with the healthcare provider’s opinion then invites the patient for some lab tests and other things like ECG, CT Scan, or X-rays to witness the process by himself, the patient will be more satisfied and feel involved. 

Let the patient be involved in decision making.

When all the information is gathered about the patient’s health, time to take a decision about how to start treatment, and involve the patient in decision making. Practicing this will help to be well aware of his complete treatment process.  

Asking for input about the hospital facilities and the staff members. 

Ask patients for input about the behavior of staff members and other medical and not medical facilities available in the hospital. If they have any complaints, insist on their input/solution just to get them involved. Tell them and guide how you can register a HIPAA Compliant.

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Offer to volunteer.     

Offer opportunities for patients to volunteer with other people who have similar health conditions or circumstances. He will learn about the treatment given to the current patients and take the decision easily. After treatment, invite patients to express their experiences with others who have had similar problems or illnesses so that other patients have full faith and confidence in the hospital. 

Give access to medical records.

Allow them access to medical records through a free HIPAA compliant app Hucu.ai, so they can check their progress reports or other lab tests any time they want to know their current condition without consulting the doctor. This way patients will trust on services of the healthcare provider.

Invite and engage them on social media channels.

Send invitations on social media channels like Facebook Instagram twitter to join the hospital’s official accounts and share their experiences. Social media is a good platform to engage people in conversations about their health issues. Create a website for your hospital and keep posting updates about newly adopted medical information on daily basis.

Feedback after treatment.

After completion of treatment ask the patient, how he finds the healthcare provider’s services and what is his feedback. Tell him that this will help to improve the quality of healthcare services. 

Some are more effective than others but they all have the same goal to get patients involved in their health decisions. Regular and consistent communication keeps the healthcare provider always up to date about their patient’s health this will also decrease the number of unnecessary visits to your patients, rather than coming into the office, they can communicate via Secure Messaging app or can call a Secure a video conference using the platform of Hucu.ai to ask for recommendations for their ongoing treatment.

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